Attic Pull Down Stairs – Common Issues

ladder-stairsWhen we think of areas of our home that may have issues on a home inspections, we may automatically think of the attic. But have we ever thought of the issues that come from the attic access itself? Specifically, attic pull down stairs.

Believe it or not, there are a number of issues that come from pull down stairs. Here are just a few (albeit somehwat minor issues):

  • Sometimes, homeowners will allow the ladders to dangle rather than meeting the floor.

  • Other times, they are too long and this causes damage to the folding hinge every time you climb.

  • Fasteners can be improperly installed or even missing.

  • Fire barriers can be obstructed if installed in the garage.

  • Ladders can be covered with debris such as insulation or roofing material. To prevent this going onto the floor, you can place a sheet of plastic on the floor where the ladder will land.

  • Frame of the ladder can be poorly attached to the ceiling opening.

  • The ladder itself can have cracked steps or sides.

  • Finally, sliding ladders can fall down quickly; all ladders should be pulled down carefully.