Bat Issues and Your Home

batBats are a very thing to find in some homes in the area. They love to make their nest in your attic. While they are relatively quiet “tenants”, they are troublesome and expensive to remove. But since they are so common to find, let’s explore a few facts about bats:

Despite the many characteristics of bats, they are perhaps most well-known for being nocturnal and many people don’t realize that they are actually mammals. Although they are precious animals, they can become a little frustrating when experiencing an infestation. Not only do they present a nuisance, they can also be a hazard to health.

Bat Facts

Otherwise known as guano, bat feces can be used in both fertilizer and gunpowder thanks to high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous. In fact, guano is so valuable that there was once the Guano War between Bolivia and Chile who were fighting over who has the rights to the western coastline which was rich in guano. Although it is great for your garden, it is not so great for your house.

Among the many mammal species we now have in the world, around 20% of these are species of bats – but they all love your attic.

When it comes to bats, there are many misconceptions that have been proven to be false. For example, they are not rodents nor are they birds. In addition to this, they aren’t even blind. They also don’t really destroy your house much, but their feces is bad for humans.

Often, it is the wingspan that makes them look big when they are actually small creatures. In truth, some fit through half-inch openings. The golden-crowned flying fox, the largest species in the world, can weigh as little as three pounds with a wingspan of five feet. This is also why even the tiniest of holes let them into your home.

Of all the mammals, bats are the only ones capable of sustained flight.

As interesting as they are, bats are not something you want in your home. So be sure to ask us about them on your home inspection.