How To Prevent Solar Panel Theft

With the popularity of solar panels rising, so is their theft. As strange as it sounds, it is becoming a real problem. SO if you have solar panels, how can you prevent their theft?

Try following some of these suggestions:

  • Tie the solar panels together with a chain. This will frustrate he attempt to steal them because it would require that the whole solar panel array be removed in one piece. Ensure you find a way to chain every one of your panels together.

  • Secure the solar panels well onto the roof with hardened locks and security cables. However, be careful not to obstruct the flow of air between the roof and the solar panels because this could negatively impact on the efficiency of the solar panels. And you should understand that any major alteration of the system could render the warranty on the product void or it could make maintenance of the roof a lot more difficult.

  • Never leave ladders or any other items for that matter around the premises that could facilitate a quick access to your panels wherever they are installed; be it on the roof or on the ground. Also bear in mind that the thieves could gain access to your room through trees or your cars.

  • Inscribe intelligible identification, such as your driver’s license number or your name, into the frames of the solar panels. This will make thieves less interested in them, and makes for easy identification or return if they are eventually resold.

  • Install surveillance cameras on your roof. This may not necessarily hinder a thief but a video record of the theft will definitely help the police in the resulting investigation.