Aluminum Wiring….. Know the dangers

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If you are thinking of buying an older home, you might want to consider that it could possibly be wired with aluminum wiring. Is this something you should be concerned about? Here are a few factors to consider;   Aluminum has been shown to have certain weaknesses which make it less durable than copper wiring […]

Ways to prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer as it has no odor and cannot be seen, and so attacks without warning. Many instances of Carbon Monoxide poisoning occur in the home, this is largely due to faulty, fuel burning appliances found in the home. What are some ways that CO Poisoning can be prevented? It is […]

The Best Home Inspector in Nashville TN

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Are you looking for the best home inspector in Nashville TN? Then you have come to the right place! We are proud to bethe premier home inspection company in Nashville. We are InterNACHI Certified Professional Home Inspectors, and we are dedicated to our craft. We are better equipped than other home inspectors to find issues, […]

Types of Sump Pumps

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When it comes to sump pumps, there are a lot to choose from. So which is right for you? See the 3 primary types below to help you make the right decision: Submersible – Resting underwater at the lowest point of the trench, these are designed to make very little noise. With tight seals and […]

How To Prevent Solar Panel Theft

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With the popularity of solar panels rising, so is their theft. As strange as it sounds, it is becoming a real problem. SO if you have solar panels, how can you prevent their theft? Try following some of these suggestions: Tie the solar panels together with a chain. This will frustrate he attempt to steal […]

Bat Issues and Your Home

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Bats are a very thing to find in some homes in the area. They love to make their nest in your attic. While they are relatively quiet “tenants”, they are troublesome and expensive to remove. But since they are so common to find, let’s explore a few facts about bats: Despite the many characteristics of […]

Attic Pull Down Stairs – Common Issues

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When we think of areas of our home that may have issues on a home inspections, we may automatically think of the attic. But have we ever thought of the issues that come from the attic access itself? Specifically, attic pull down stairs. Believe it or not, there are a number of issues that come […]